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Our Team:


Behind the BOSS Project there are four students from the Communication, Culture, and Technology Program at Georgetown University.


Areebah Ajani (Reseach Paper) is interested in international education and cultural exchanges and is currently a Master’s Candidate in Communication, Culture, and Technology at Georgetown. She is a graduate of Brown University and former Fulbright English Teaching Assistant to Tajikistan. She hopes to manage projects that effect intercultural understanding and international cooperation. When she’s not plugging away at school assignments, you can find her traveling, taking a dance class, or rereading a favorite book.


Fabrizio Drago (Poster and Brochure) is a first year Communication, Culture and Technology student at Georgetown University. He is a graduate of the University of Catania, where he majored in Communication Science and minored in Architecture. His past experiences allowed him to appreciate the symbolic and material power of mediation through communication media in contemporary societies. He believes that cultural productions of film, music, art, science and technology are productions of the human experience, desire, conflict, and potential. Through CCT, he wants to use Critical Theories and Mediology to interpret those productions and thus learn something important about human beings.


Yuan Li - Summer (Web Design/Content Managment) is a first-year student in the CCT program. With the interdisciplinary background in political translation and communication, She is interested in understanding how technology and media are used in the increasingly globalized context and how they can further contribute to different aspects of the society. How does technology change our lives? How much do we allow them to change our lives? She would like to explore more with you.


Yue Sheng (Video Editing). Before coming to Georgetown, Yue had an academic background in English literature and interned as English news journalists in Xinhua News Agency and Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation. Currently, in the CCT program, she is excited explore how technology, by giving voice to each individual, contributes to the forming of a new public sphere among China’s social media sites and how it will help to promote democracy. She also hopes to apply social network analysis skills to find new ways to look at issues closely related to international development and international affairs.

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